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QBE's travel insurance business was acquired by nib Holdings Limited (nib) on 13 May 2019. We are in the process of updating the Travel Insurance Cover website, and will relaunch shortly with a new range of policies for NZ travellers.

Travel insurance for residents and non-residents travelling within New Zealand. Combines cover and assistance should something unexpected occur on the trip.

  • Provides cover while travelling within NZ, allowing travellers to explore the North and South Islands
  • Available to residents travelling domestically and to non-residents visiting New Zealand
  • Policies are underwritten by QBE Insurance, with worldwide emergency assistance through QBE Assist
  • Most amateur sports covered, and snow sports add-on is available for cover while skiing or snowboarding
  • A deductible per event excess of $100 applies, and is subtracted from the total paid if a claim is made
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Discover New Zealand

The QBE Discover NZ Policy is available to Kiwis and non-residents of New Zealand who are under 60 years old on the commencement date shown on the Certificate of Insurance. A maximum duration of 12 months applies, and policies can be booked up to 12 months in advance of the trip. Policies must, however, be purchased before the commencement of the trip, or for non-residents before arrival in New Zealand. It should be noted that there is no cover for existing medical conditions. A cooling off period of 21 days applies, during which time a policy can be cancelled for any reason with a full refund (provided that it has not commenced and there are no claims pending).

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Medical expenses $1,000,000
Total and permanent disability $5,000
Dental expenses $400
Cancellation costs $5,000
Additional costs $5,000
Travel delay (sub-limits apply) $500
Internet use and telephone calls $250
Legal costs $1,000
Rental vehicle insurance excess $3,000
Return of rental vehicle $500
Death by injury $5,000
Repatriation of remains or funeral expenses $10,000
Luggage and personal effects (sub-limits apply) $5,000
Emergency baggage $500
Replacement of passports and travel documents $1,000
Personal liability

Available to residents and non-residents of NZ

The QBE Discover NZ Policy is available to residents travelling within New Zealand and to non-residents visiting New Zealand. For permanent residents, the policy will cover travel within New Zealand, and travel within Australia and the South Pacific Islands for a maximum of 31 days (provided that departing from NZ). For non-residents, the policy will also cover the period travelling to New Zealand from your normal country of residence and the period travelling back home, provided that travel to and from NZ does not exceed 72 hours.

Skiing and snowboarding, and other amateur sports

If skiing or snowboarding, the Snow Sports Package add-on can be purchased to cover claims arising due to participation in snow sports within the boundaries of a commercially licensed ski field. The Snow Sports Package can be added when getting a quote for an additional premium of $70 per adult ($100 less the 30% discount available through Travel Insurance Cover).

Most amateur sports are automatically covered - including hiking, scuba diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, surfing and white water rafting. Professional sports, competitive contact sports, abseiling, rock climbing using support ropes, and base jumping are not covered under the policy. A full list of excluded sports can be found on page 6 in the product disclosure statement.

Rental vehicle insurance excess

Policies have a standard limit of $3,000 to cover the insurance excess of a rental vehicle (like a car, campervan, motorcycle or boat) in the event of an accident or theft. Where required, the standard limit can be increased by a further $3,000 to a total limit of $6,000 for an additional premium. The level of cover can be increased at the time of getting a quote under the Additional Benefits section. The policy does not provide cover for liability resulting from the use or a mechanically propelled vehicle, which should be arranged separately.

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Full terms and conditions can be found in the product disclosure statement.

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