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QBE Executive Annual Multi Trip Policy

QBE's travel insurance business was acquired by nib Holdings Limited (nib) on 13 May 2019. We are in the process of updating the Travel Insurance Cover website, and will relaunch shortly with a new range of policies for NZ travellers.

Executive multi trip travel insurance for directors, employees and business owners that travel regularly for work, covering any international trips taken over a 12 month period of insurance.

  • Annual business cover for unlimited international trips for 12 months up to 60 days per trip
  • Cover can be extended for any trips that exceed 60 days by contacting our office
  • Benefit from increased business limits for luggage, and cover for alternative staff and emergency business equipment
  • Policies can be arranged up to 12 months in advance to ensure cover for pre-paid travel expenses
  • A policy excess of $100 per event applies, and cannot be reduced by paying an additional premium
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Executive multi trip option

The QBE Executive Annual Multi Trip Policy is available to residents of NZ who are under 70 and travel regularly for work. It offers the same levels of cover as the QBE Executive International Policy, and is generally more cost-effective if travelling multiple times over a 12 month period. It is not necessary to advise QBE of specific trips being taken within the period of insurance, as cover will automatically commence when you depart on a trip (subject to policy terms and conditions). The policy is intended for business travel, but will cover personal trips up to 28 days. Cover for skiing and snowboarding is also available for additional premium by selecting the Snow Sports Package.

Premiums - per adult





Worldwide, USA, Canada, Central America, South America, Antarctica $758
Europe, Africa, China, Indian Sub Continent, Japan, Middle East, Asia (other than those countries listed in Region 3) $664
United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, South East Asia $548
South Pacific and Norfolk Islands, Chatham Islands, Domestic Cruises $494
Australia $430

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Medical expenses incurred outside of NZ Unlimited
Continuing medical expenses incurred within NZ $5,000
Cash in hospital (daily limit applies) $10,000
Total and permanent disability $100,000
Emergency dental expenses incurred outside of NZ $5,000
Continuing dental expenses incurred within NZ due to injury overseas $5,000
Cancellation costs Unlimited
Additional costs Unlimited
Tour cancellation Unlimited
Financial default $10,000
Travel delay (sub-limits apply) $10,000
Airfare compensation $10,000
Resumption of trip $20,000
Missed connection/special events $10,000
Internet use and telephone calls $500
Legal costs $10,000
Hijacking Unlimited
Kidnapping $250,000
Alternative staff $20,000
Rental vehicle insurance excess $7,500
Return of rental vehicle $1,000
Death by injury $100,000
Repatriation of remains or funeral expenses $20,000
Loss of income (monthly limit applies) $20,000
Luggage and personal effects (sub-limits apply) $30,000
Emergency baggage $3,000
Cash $1,000
Replacement of passports and travel documents $2,000
Emergency business equipment $2,000
Emergency business clothing hire $1,000
Personal liability

Cancellation costs

A new policy can be purchased (or an existing policy can be renewed) up to 12 months in advance of the commencement date. Cover under the cancellation costs section of the policy starts as soon as the policy is purchased, ensuring cover for pre-paid travel expenses if a planned trip needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that are outside of your control (policy terms and conditions apply). A preferred commencement date can be nominated at the time of getting a quote and arranging a policy.

Non-business travel

The QBE Executive Annual Multi Trip Policy is not intended to be purchased specifically for non-business travel. The policy will cover personal trips provided that they do not exceed a reduced duration of 28 days. Provided the main purpose of a trip is business, the policy will also cover any subsequent personal travel (for example, if you decide to stay overseas for an additional period at the end of a business trip). The QBE Frequent Traveller Policy is available for those that travel regularly for non-business purposes.

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